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Asthma from Allergic Rhinitis

Distinguishing Asthma from Allergic Rhinitis

Distinguishing Asthma from Allergic Rhinitis

While asthma and allergic rhinitis share similar features, it’s important to note that not everyone with allergies has asthma

Allergic Rhinitis

This condition occurs when the immune system reacts excessively to allergens. Common symptoms in sufferers include:

  1. Nasal congestion.
  2. Inflammation of the eye’s conjunctiva.
  3. Dermatitis, similar to eczema.

Allergic rhinitis can last for extended periods, sometimes disappearing abruptly or worsening over time. While there’s no complete cure, managing it involves avoiding known allergens and using medications to control symptoms.




Asthma is a long-term inflammation of the respiratory tract. Its causes vary, including allergic reactions and non-allergic triggers like smoke exposure, patient stress, or certain drugs. The symptoms often include:

  1. Difficulty in breathing.
  2. Chest wheezing.
  3. Overall weariness.
  4. Disturbed sleep due to breathing problems, which is a distinct sign separating asthma from allergic rhinitis.

The majority of asthma cases are manageable and mild, controllable with asthma and allergy tablets, as well as inhalers.