Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Specialized Care at Hakeem Care

At Hakeem Care, we cater to a diverse range of patient needs by providing specialized care and services. Our licensed professional physicians ensure the highest quality healthcare is delivered with comfort and safety, right where it's needed.

Home Care:

Providing health care services right where you are with comfort and safety for all health conditions that can be checked and treated at your home. Our licensed professional physicians take care of you and save you time and effort. 

Elderly Care:

Providing a wide variety of Elderly patients comprehensive care to improve the patient’s quality of life. Its best suited for people aged 60 and above to promote their health at home, and Reduce unnecessary hospital admissions. It provides assistance in the activities of daily living, follow-up the Chronic diseases, bone, Respiratory, Heart and blood and Kidney diseases and Early recognition of any potential health problems.