Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Hakeem Care provides many healthcare services which are listed below.

We are regularly adding new Healthcare Services based on our Patient's needs and requirements.

Feel free to contact us with any recommendations.

GP/Family Medicine:

The family medicine clinic deals with prevention procedures of diseases and tumors, treating common diseases such as Cold, Flu, Cough, etc. Also provides preventive care and primary diagnosis of chronic diseases, common and infectious diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes,  Anemia, Cholesterol and routine health exams.


Diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases such as middle ear infections, snoring, dizziness and tonsillitis. Also, dealing with removal of foreign bodies, Allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, and Rhinosinusitis, diagnosing of dizziness resulted from inner ear and its treatment, Respiratory problems and hearing tests services.


Diagnosis and treatment of children diseases such as heart disease, respiratory problems, skin diseases and digestive system diseases to ensure that your child grows up healthily.

Internal Medicine:

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of Diabetes disorders, Cholesterol, High blood pressure, Blood diseases, chronic diseases, Rheumatism and Autoimmune diseases and Infectious diseases. It also provides the care for Glands disorders, Periodic health assessment, and treatment and follow-up of senior diseases


Providing a wide Range of Physiotherapy Services using Latest Technologies, general physiotherapy, sport injuries, back & neck pain, Musculoskeletal pain treatment, Physiotherapy of the musculoskeletal system and Post-stroke physical therapy. There are a range of treated cases such as dedicating special programs to retrieve muscle strength, Nerves disorder, Spinal cord injuries, Cartilage issues, Overweight and obesity patients and Rehabilitation of many cases.

Elderly Care:

Providing a wide variety of Elderly patients comprehensive care to improve the patient’s quality of life. Its best suited for people aged 60 and above to promote their health at home, and Reduce unnecessary hospital admissions. It provides assistance in the activities of daily living, follow-up the Chronic diseases, bone, Respiratory, Heart and blood and Kidney diseases and Early recognition of any potential health problems.

Home Care:

Providing health care services right where you are with comfort and safety for all health conditions that can be checked and treated at your home. Our licensed professional physicians take care of you and save you time and effort.